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How Many Seconds Are There in a Day A Week A Year

How Many Seconds Are There in a Day A Week A Year SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Ever wondered how many seconds there are in a day? How about a week? A year? Thanks to Rent, we might know the number of minutes in a year (525,600), but how many seconds is that? Whether you’re trying to get even more granular about how you measure a year or you’re just trying to figure out how many seconds are left until summer vacation, this guide will teach you how many seconds are in a day, a week, a year, and beyond. Not only will we teach you how to calculate these problems, but we’ll also give you a handy chart to keep track of them. Read on to find out how to swap one unit of time for another! All the numbers on a clock represent different aspects of time, all of which come back to seconds. What’s a Second? Before we get into how many seconds there are in a day, let’s talk about what a second is. A second is our base unit of time- base, but not smallest. A base unit is a unit defined on its own terms upon which other units are based. That means that all our other units, such as minutes, hours, nanoseconds, and so on, are all based on seconds. We talk about hours in terms of minutes, but minutes are based on seconds, bringing us back to the base unit. A second used to be based on the Earth’s rotation cycle, with one second being 1/86,400 of the average solar day. Now that we know more about how the Earth rotates- and that the speed at which it rotates is slowing down- we now use a more accurate method. We base a second off of the radiation cycles of a caesium-133 atom, often called an â€Å"atomic clock.† Because our astronomical year varies in length, we also sometimes add â€Å"leap seconds† to the clock to keep better time, or we’d eventually end up with time being way off of where it should be. Adding seconds is infrequent, and doesn’t actually change the time- all it does is keep us consistent. But those single leap seconds matter, keeping us on track so that a few missed seconds doesn’t become a missed minute or hour or day over time. The hands on a clock move in seconds, minutes, and hours, which are all, in some ways, measures of seconds. How Many Seconds in a Day? Now that we know what a second really is- an arbitrary measurement of time used to calculate other, larger units of time- we can start thinking about how many it takes to make up all the other time units. How Many Seconds in a Minute The largest unit after seconds is a minute. There are 60 seconds in one minute. Why? Nobody’s really sure, but it goes all the way back to ancient Babylon. How Many Seconds in an Hour You may already know that there are 60 minutes in an hour, but how many seconds is that? To figure it out, we’ll need to multiply. 60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in one hour means that $1 \hour = 60 * 60$. Calculate that out and you’ll find that 1 hour = 3,600 minutes. How to Calculate Seconds Back and Forth It takes some memorization, but it’s not hard to calculate seconds into minutes, hours, days, or even years; you can even go in reverse! For example, if you know that something will take 120 seconds but aren’t sure how many minutes that is, you simply divide by 60, the number of seconds in a minute. Likewise, if you want to know how many seconds are in three days, first you’ll need to calculate how many minutes there are in three days. Three days is 72 hours ($24 \hours * 3 \days$), equivalent to 4,320 minutes ($72 \hours * 60 \minutes$), or 259,200 seconds ($4,320 \minutes * 60 \seconds$). You can do this for really big numbers, too. How many seconds are in a month? Well, the average month is 30.42 days. A day is 24 hours, so the average month is 730.08 hours ($30.42 \days * 24 \hours$). 730.08 hours is equal to 43,804.8 minutes ($730.08 \hours * 60 \minutes$), or 2,628,288 seconds ($43,804.8 \minutes * 60 \seconds$). a second .. in a minute an hour a day a week a month a year †¦in a decade a century Seconds 1 60 3,600 86,400 604,800 2,628,288 3.1536 Ãâ€" $10^7$ 3.1536 Ãâ€" $10^8$ 3.1536 Ãâ€" $10^9$ Minutes $1/60$ 1 60 1,440 10,080 43,804.8 525,600 5.256 Ãâ€" $10^6$ 5.256 Ãâ€" $10^7$ Hours $1/3600$ $1/60$ 1 24 168 730.08 8,760 87,600 876,000 Days $1/86400$ $1/1400$ $1/24$ 1 7 30.42 365 3,650 36,500 Weeks $1/604800$ $1/10080$ $1/168$ $1/7$ 1 4.3 52 520 5,200 Months $1/2628288$ $1/43804.8$ $1/730.08$ $1/30.42$ $1/4.3$ 1 12 120 1,200 Years $1/(3.1536 Ãâ€" 10^7)$ $1/525600$ $1/87600$ $1/365$ $1/52$ $1/12$ 1 10 100 Decades $1/(3.1536 Ãâ€" 10^8)$ $1/(5.256 Ãâ€" 10^6)$ $1/3650$ $1/520$ $1/520$ $1/120$ $1/10$ 1 10 Centuries $1/(3.1536 Ãâ€" 10^9)$ $1/(5.256 Ãâ€" 10^7)$ $1/876000$ $1/36500$ $1/5200$ $1/1200$ $1/100$ $1/10$ 1 Key Tips for Time Conversions It’s not a big deal if you can’t memorize this whole table- most people can’t tell you how many seconds are in a decade off the top of their head. But the calculations are simple math- you just need to know the basics! One Minute = 60 Seconds One Hour = 60 Minutes One Day = 24 Hours One Week = 7 Days One Year = 52 Weeks One Decade = 10 Years One Century = 10 Decades It can be difficult to figure out how many days or weeks are in a month, because months vary in length between 28 and 31 days. If you find yourself needing to figure things out on a more exact basis, use the number of days in the specific month you’re looking for rather than trying to use an average. If a specific month won’t work and you just want an overall sense of the number of days in a month, for example, you know that there are 365 days and 12 months in a year. Divide $365/12$ for 30.42, the average number of days in a month. You don’t have to memorize it- just solve it out! Likewise, you can divide the number of weeks in a year, 52, by the number of months in a year, 12, to get 4.3, the average number of weeks in a month. What’s Next? Ready for more big numbers? Check out this guide to how many zeros there are in a billion and beyond! If you just want to test your calculation skills, these math games are great for fifth graders! Converting seconds to minutes and beyond requires a solid grasp of multiplication- if you need a little help with memorizing your times tables, our multiplication guide will help you out!

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Google Inc. use of the BCG Matrix Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Google Inc. use of the BCG Matrix - Essay Example The paper presents an overview of Google and its core businesses, and goes on to undertake a strategic audit of the company making use of the BCG Matrix as well as the SWOT Analysis and the PESTEL analysis in a strategic audit aimed at identifying strategic issues facing the company and at making recommendations to get the company on a path to growth. The paper presents a critical analysis of the main issues that were surfaced in the strategic audit, and also undertakes a critical assessment of the BCG Matrix itself. The critical assessment of the BCG Matrix surveys various perspectives on concept, undertaking a comparison and contrast of those perspectives, and weighing in on the relevance of the BCG Matrix in modern times and in the present context of its use to undertake the strategic audit on Google. This latter exercise also looks at the suitability of the BCG Matrix versus other tools and frameworks for undertaking a strategic audit in general and for undertaking a strategic au dit of Google (Taggart and Harding, 1998; Google, 2013; Reuters, 2013). Finally, the critical audit and the critical assessment of the main issues that were surfaced in that critical audit, together with the critical assessment of the BCG Matrix itself, are all used to come up with strategy recommendations for Google to grow moving forward. ... e from the twin perspectives of concepts and frameworks used on the one hand and Google’s business perspective on the other (Google, 2013; Reuters, 2013; Smith, 2002; Spee and Jarzabkowski, 2009; Ioana, Mirea and Balescu, 2009; Doole and Lowe, 2008, pp. 282-283; Armstrong, 2003; Hall and Saias, 1980, pp. 160-161; Zeithaml and Zeithaml, 1984). II. Company Overview Google Inc. is a technology company that operates on a global scale. The company details itself as a firm that focuses on key business segments and areas of technology, and these revolve around search, hardware products, products for the enterprise, operating systems for mobil e and other computing platforms, and online advertising. Google is present in more than 50 countries and territories, and reaches its audience through the use of 100 different languages around the world. The hardware business is primarily represented by Motorola, which caters to two distinct business segments consisting of the Home segment and the Mobile segment. Mobile is about mobile devices and corollary services and products tied to mobile. Android is the popular mobile computing platform that Google owns and licenses for free to device manufacturers. The Home business segment on the other hand keys in on digital television and the use of related access devices and services. Its Enterprise business consists in the provision of software platforms and services centered on Google Apps, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Earth, and a host of related platforms and cloud-based services that cater to vertical industries such as education, government, and business.

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Scripture Inerrancy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Scripture Inerrancy - Research Paper Example Even though most people where born into the religions of their parents and thus religions that already existed before their births, they have grown to accept the basic teachings and history of their religions as true and factual. It will not be far from right to argue that such people uphold and defend the doctrines of their religions because of documented evidence of the sanctity and authenticity of the stories surrounding their religion. Christianity is one of such religions that have very large following of people who in all cases try to defend the perfection of the religion. Like people of most other religions, Christians are always confident of the sanctity of their religion due to the faith they have in the origin of their history, documented in their holy scripture referred to as the bible. The phenomenon by which Christians attest to the authenticity and sanctity of the bible is common referred in theology as scripture inerrancy (Rhodes, 2001). Scripture inerrancy is regarded as an important subject in theology not because of the need to exonerate Christianity but to offer religious education and enlightenment to the world at large. As an important component of theology, it does not seek to perfect one religion against another but it tries to lay the facts bear so that readers and listeners will be able to make informed decisions for themselves. It is for this reason that research work on scripture is being considered for this research work. Problem Statement The problem under research has to do with scripture inerrancy, which has to do with the inspiration of the bible. As Challis (2006) notes, â€Å"the doctrines regarding the Bible have been discussed and debated at length throughout the history of the church.† Until a common compromise is reached in the discipline of theology on the doctrines of the bible, it is true to say that the debate and research will continue. The topic of scripture inerrancy therefore appears to be a problem that comm on in theological circles and even among religious followers who desire to be convinced of the truth behind various religions. This also means that the research problem

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Biblical Worldview Essay Example for Free

Biblical Worldview Essay Introduction In Romans we learn so many aspects of Christian’s life. It tells us how we as Christian’s should view the natural world, our identity and our relationship with others, our culture, and civilization. There is so much more we could learn from this book. In Romans 1-8 we will find that the information in it is so much that we will not get the full meaning of all the things it is saying unless we look deeper into it. Romans 1-8 takes us from our total inability to walk in good works, to God’s faithfulness in justifying, sanctifying, and glorifying us by our faith through God’s grace. The Natural World We all know that God through his own words formed the natural world. God spoke the universe and everything that existence in it. As Christian’s we should know this because as believers, we believe the bible is a revelation of God and that it is not just a book written by human hands. Paul writes in Romans 1:20-21 â€Å"For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by things that made, even in his eternal power and God head, so that they are without excuse, 21- because although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened†. God made everything and he is showing those that disrespect him in his face with their sin himself so that when they know that there is a God and he created everything. Human Identity Our human Identity of who we as a mankind is that we all were made in God’s image. God created us equally, but he also gives us the free will to choose to serve him or not. In Psalm 8:5 it says â€Å"For you have made him a little lower than the angels; and you have crowned him with glory and honor.† And in Genesis 2:15 â€Å"Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.† We have many things that are wrong with us that we can’t fix, so we need Jesus to justify, sanctify, and glorify us. We need all three those that we can be connected to Christ, live life, server  him and when we die we will get to enjoy eternal heaven with him, and have everlasting life. Human Relationship In Romans 12:8 it says â€Å"he who exhorts, in exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he shows mercy, with cheerfulness.† What that verse is saying to all Christians is that our ethic is based all on love. We as humans know that relationships very confusing and are hardest part of life. We all have a sin against own bodies and souls, but it is a sin that is against others who were created in God’s image. If you are going to steal from your neighbor you might as well steal from God. We were all created in his image and we need to love and respect others just like we would God. Culture Paul says in Romans 11 that God will save some in Israel because most of them were elect by the Patriarchs. Romans 12 says as Christians we are to live as a living sacrifice to Christ, while doing all these thing in love and showing our love to others through service. We as believers are to be humble and serve others with joy, as believers we are to work with others to Christ’s redemptive work. Christ is merciful, righteous, sovereign, and just God. He wants us to love another like he loves the world. Conclusion â€Å"No power in the sky above or in the earth below- indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord Romans 8:39.† It’s so refreshing to know that I can always count on God to love me. Even when I’m unable to love myself God will. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can have a relationship with God, where and whatever I do, or say or think will never make him not love me. God will always love and be with me no matter what. God wants us to live for him. He also wants us to lead others to him. References New King James Version Bible (NJKB)

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Do Magnet Schools Work? :: essays research papers

Do Magnet Schools Actually Work? The 1954 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, represented a turning point in the history of the United States. (144) Reversing the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling, which said that racially "separate but equal" public institutions were legal, the court held that segregated public schools were "inherently unequal" and denied black children equal protection under the law. It later directed that the state provide desegregated educational facilities "with all deliberate speed." Kansas had been only one of many states that had "separate but equal" schools that were affected by the decision. Although Southern white officials sought to obstruct implementation of the Brown decision, many blacks saw the ruling as a sign that the federal government might intervene on their behalf in other racial matters. The court ruled that the schools would have to come up with a solution to the problem of desegregating the schools. Special schools called â€Å"Magnet Schools† were set up. These schools were designed as a desegregation method. There were three methods used in the desegregation of the schools. Black students were bussed out to the suburbs to attend white schools, white children were bussed into the city to attend black schools, or both races were mixed in different schools. There are two types of magnet Durham 2 schools. The full site school is where all students in a particular district transfer into the school and are mixed together in the magnet program. Partial site programs offer a special magnet program within a â€Å"non-magnet† general school, even though students still transfer into the school to participate in the magnet curriculum. The focus of these schools is to achieve racial balance and increase educational quality. (146) Some of the problems with magnet schools were that they would â€Å"siphon† off the better students from a school district, leaving all the educationally at-risk students. (147) Most of these students that were left behind were members of a minority group such as Black or Hispanic. Another problem with magnet schools is that they might already be aimed at middle class families. This is done to try to avoid desegregation by some parents so their children will not have to go to school with members of a minority. Removing students from a given school district also removes resources from students most in need from this interaction.

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Lg Institutional Sales

In a bid to expand the market and boost sales, LG Electronics Ltd. identified institutional sales as a focus area in the calendar year 1999. It plans to triple the target turnover to Rs. 150 crores from institutional sales. LG has made its institutional sales strategy by identifying and proactively targeting five different segments to push the LG range: brand promotions; the welfare segment (factory workers and office staff); government sector; direct users (hospitals, hotels); and the canteen stores departments (CSD) of the armed forces. A distinct strategy has been tailored for each of the five segments.In brand promotions for example, the perceived value of the products given as gifts is important, whereas for the welfare segment aspirational value, convenience and easy financing are prime factors. Meanwhile, hotels represent a price sensitive segment requiring specially customized products. Welfare: In this segment, LG is targeting a consumer base – the aspirational consum er, mostly factory staff – that most companies ignore, but which has considerable clout in terms of generating volumes. This segment is being targeted on the convenience and easy finance platform. LG has just tied up with Birla Global Finance Ltd. part of the Aditya Birla Group, for the purpose. Under the tie-up, LG will unit-wise cover all the Birla companies. This amounts to over two lakh employees. This is a lucrative segment, claims LG, because of the high hit-rate; out of a potential base of 1,000 factory workers, there is an assured sale of at least 10 to 20 percent. Hotel Segment: In this segment, LG is targeting the five-star and middle-level hotels (50 – 110 rooms) by offering customized products. For example, LG offers a special ‘hotel-mode TV' model with an auto volume leveler, which ensures that other guests are not disturbed.Another attraction for hotels is the cricket game TV model that would also prove to be popular and an interactive option with I nternet, video/audio or room service menu facilities. LG claims to have sent out mailers to 1,200 hotels – and bagged at least 100 orders, besides the ‘Palace on Wheels' luxury train, for providing TV sets in its 52 cabins. Now, LG is reading a range of interactive televisions for this segment, offering remote-controlled features like: the hotel menu, local facilities, billing-room service, video on demand, internet, multilingual options.Canteens and the Government Sector: â€Å"We are perhaps the only company offering our entire range of products in CSD canteens,† feels the product manager, of LG. In the government sector, which operates through tenders, significant orders so far included an order for 200 TVs for Himachal Tourism bungalows in the State and over 2,000 TVs for primary schools in rural areas in Maharashtra. The company has a five-member Institutional Sales Division, with each devoted exclusively to one segment.It has 50 institutional sales dealers and a ring of sales representatives when interact with the dealers and conduct demonstrations when needed. Its infrastructure consists of 20 mobile vans with glass windows to display the product range. These vans cover at least 500 km every month in both rural and urban markets. Questions: (a) Do you think such a field sales force is adequate to harness the market potential in the Institutional market? (b) Would you recommend focusing on one or two segments out of the given five? Justify your answer.

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The Human Of Human Genome Project - 995 Words

The Human Genome Project has been introduced to us more than twenty-five years from now. It was Initiated and sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute, the project was introduced aiming at researching more human genes in order to understand, read genes and find cure for diseases. It guided the medical field to new direction but at the same time created new challenges and problems. The primary objective of the project isn’t wrong or questionable but some believe its implications are. Genes are made of a molecule called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which contains the instructions for making every protein in the body. By studying and understanding the genome system completely, we will be able to shed some light on how to†¦show more content†¦Carlos Cruchaga and his team searched for dementia-related genetic variations in some of these families and Their results were published in 2014 in the journals Nature and Nature Medicine. The team identified variatio ns in genes called phospholipase D3 (PLD3) and UNC5C that appear to promote the risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The results of what they found inspired them to keep looking for more. Dr. Cruchaga received his Association grant in 2011 for a study entitled Exome Sequencing of Late-Onset Alzheimer s Disease Families. Dr. Cruchaga selected 14 families to observe who have inherited Late-Onset Alzheimer. His team and him later analyzed the exomes from certain members of these families, searching for gene variations linked to Alzheimer’s. This process initially identified a variation in PLD3 that was shown to double the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in some cases. Previous research has found that people with Alzheimer’s tend to have lower than normal levels of the PLD3 protein in their brains. This finding indicates that PLD3 may protect the brain against Alzheimer’s-like changes. In 2005 there were various report on gene therapy trials delayed disease progression. It wasn t a successful cure, but the results were promising enough which triggered further research in that area. Scientists took skin cells from patients and modified them to secrete the protein nerve growth factor (NGF) form brains. These NGF producing